Corporate Sponsors

Take a look at how your corporate organization can benefit from Summa Caussa. 

Corporate Sponsorship Benefits

Why should you, as a corporation, care about partnering with a social cause?
Why is it important to provide for a cause that aligns with your core values?

To put it simply, it’s important to show your audience that you care about things other than your own growth & success. They need to see that their investment in you allows your business to give back to social impacts they are passionate about. Summa Caussa helps you connect with a worthy cause, empowering your organization’s audience to be positively reinforced with your brand or message.

Want to know how you can start getting connected to great causes?
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What is a Super Advocate?

Someone who does not have to be asked to support a Cause…
Because they’re already passionate about it!

They merely have to be enabled to do that…
in a manner that works, for them!


Micro-donations will be made to your sponsored Cause everytime one of their Super Advocates completes any given “task” in support of your common cause. Super Advocates complete these tasks to support the cause and to recieve rewards.

Why should you care about Super Advocates being rewarded?
Keep scrolling to find out.

Special Moments

A Special Moment is created each time one of your sponsored cause’s Super Advocates visits the Kmunitii site. This is because each time a Super Advocate visits Kmunitii, they are not only emotionally engaged with the cause, but your brand & message are tastefully presented. Your brand is able to attain additional exposure along with a compassionate & giving-oriented perspective in the eyes of your target audience.

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