Take a look at what services our Summa Caussa team can provide to assist in your non-profit’s successes.

Building Communities

This solution creates an audience of “Super Advocates” that increases passive revenue & broad-based visibility for the non-profit via a mobilized audience.

Grant Writing

Here at Summa Caussa, we provide grant writing & research services, as well as advice on processes that optimize the likelihood of obtaining the funding sought. 

Professional Staff Recruitment

Our team has years of recruitment experience & works on a guaranteed basis that the recruited individual will be successful in his or her placement. 

Best Practices in Management Operations & Procedures

Our highly knowledgable team will assist you in prioritizing the adoption of those best practices & then, if requested, in the implementation of said practices.

Strategic Plans

A Strategic Plan would help determine the direction & scope of the non-profit’s future direction, the budget, the staffing, & the timeline to achieve those goals & aspirations.



Campaign Counsel – Periodic (annual & capital)

Once determining a campaign needs modifications or a capital campaign is required, we can provide counsel to assist in conducting &/or expanding successful annual or capital campaigns.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies are recommended prior to undertaking a capital campaign. These studies assess the non-profit’s ability & capacity to conduct a campaign.

Board Development

We assist in building & strengthening Boards of Directors/ Advisors, often recommending candidates & helping our clients derive the most from these boards.

Development Program Audits

Our team of non-profit managers know what kind of procedures should be in place to ensure appropriate donor accounting, record keeping, & donation acknowledgements.

Technology Advice – Implementation

We’ve managed many non-profits, developed software applications, & purchased products based on the non-profit’s requirements to communicate effectively with donors. 

What is a Super Advocate?

Someone who does not have to be asked to support a Cause…
Because they’re already passionate about it!

They merely have to be enabled to do that…
in a manner that works, for them!

What is a Silent Army?

A Silent Army is a group of 300 – 400 individuals who are passionate about a cause, but are unable to be active Advocates due to one or all of the following reasons:

not enough time to dedicate to volunteering
have to work 2 – 3 jobs to support family
unable to afford gas needed to get to volunteer location
do not own a car

But they can still be Super Advocates of the Cause!

Engage & Inspire Your Silent Army

You can engage & inspire your Silent Army to create a


funding for the Cause!

Want to convert your inactive Advocates

into sustainable funding?

Watch Video

Develop Your Own 

Kmunitii Partnership

How It Works

1. Create a Content Calendar 

2. Develop Tasks & Volunteer Events 

3. Build Your Reward Offers 

4. Communication With Your Community 


Using your existing customer base you can connect with your most passionate fans, & have them become part of your team. There is nothing more powerful than a customer endorsement, & having them engage new prospects to your brand or solution.


Loyal customers love your brand and have a desire to accomplish tasks which will help you grow. Setting realistic and achievable tasks is a simple way to engage with your fan base and extend your reach to new prospects.


Rewarding your advocates for completing tasks generates a desire to continue to help the brand grow. The rewards don’t need to be huge, but they should be rewards that make the advocate feel good that they are helping you. Our team is experienced in working with brands to develop a good range of rewards.

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