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Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver high-impact outcomes & large-scale passionate engagements for Great Causes. We believe that connecting causes, passions and resources is something we are uniquely designed for due to our strategic partnerships and varied experience.


Do you and your Nonprofit need a more sustainable means to raise funds?

Want to create meaningful connections with passive advocates who become Super Advocates of your cause?

Corporate Sponsors

Need better visibility on the return you get from sponsorships?

Want to build deeper brand loyalty while supporting worthwhile causes?

Want to convert your inactive Advocates

into sustainable funding?

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Our History

Over the past 20 years, the core executive team of Summa Caussa & our partner kNEXTis, have been working with nonprofit organizations, entertainment brands, artists, & festivals to help increase their exposure & drive more interaction with a mobilized audience. We have created a number of communities that have delivered results for our various clients & partners. 

Summa Caussa has an intense passion for helping nonprofits create sustainable relationships, while also engaging with Sponsors & Advocates.

A Message to Passionate Advocates


Our dedicated team focuses on creating a community solution that inspiresengages individuals & organizations who are passionate about a cause.

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